Random Writings


What to Do? - by Bob Pryor


"It was like an electric shock! He never had believed in love at first sight, but now his world had suddenly changed forever. He pondered how he would manage to meet her, would she like him; would she think he was too forward? All his insecurities came to the surface instantaneously. After all she was stunningly beautiful. What would she want with him, she could have anyone? Was he fooling himself? He was frozen in limbo not knowing what to do, what to say, how to act! He could hardly breathe. She was about to walk away; he must act now or perhaps lose her forever…"


Don't Be Afraid - by Bob Pryor


Sometimes by not breaking out of your "comfort zone" of friends and an environment that you are "used to," or in your mind is "better then nothing," you can be depriving yourself of the life that you are meant to have, one of love, creativity, accomplishment, and enlightenment. The first few steps are difficult, but once you have overcome that mindset, the rest is easy. You will then be running toward your destiny!


Why Did We Meet? - by Bob Pryor


Sometimes I wonder why we even met, for me it was a dream come true, all I ever wanted, then the letdown; that I was too late, So why did me meet? To show me what I had missed, to show me what could have been? Why? Is the universe supposed to be this cruel? It's supposed to be a gentle, abundant universe, everything for everyone, all you have to do is ask, so why do this? Isn't it enough that my heart cries out to give love to deaf ears? Why? What do I have to do to make everything align so it will work? Why is it so fleeting? Why did we meet?


My Prayer for You - by Bob Pryor


"I pray you would finally accept how special you really are. I pray that you will take control over your own life instead of being the tool for others insecurities. I pray that you will someday feel free to share your life with people that sincerely want only the best for you. I pray for your awakening, and I pray for the time you will spread your wings and become the person you are meant to be. I pray that you find the courage to see what you need to see. I pray that when that occurs, a new world will open up and joyously embrace you. For this I pray."


A Unique Perspective- by Bob Pryor


"It is a breathtaking, humbling experience, suddenly seeing your entire existence laid out before you like a deck of cards. Every choice made, every motivation, every result unabashedly revealed for all to see and examine. Observing the futuristic threads of "seeds that had been sown" by your actions or inaction's, from a perspective of an infinite audience evaluating each move, each occurrence, and able to follow the interconnection of the thread you established, and its impact on the universe. If anyone needed proof that "we are all one," look back through your life with the eyes of an impartial observer, seeing the results of your choices, and then analyzing them with the emotionless view of an historian. If only we had this vantage point when we acted..."


The Life of A Songwriter - by Bob Pryor


"The night was still. Buried emotions started to envelop him like waves, one after another, faster and faster; unrelenting in their purpose. His fingers flew across the guitar strings as if an unknown force was gently, but resolutely guiding them. Memories thought stilled, came alive; his fingers kept moving; words now spilling out in a dizzying array. Suddenly; as quickly as they surfaced, the memories and emotions were gone, retreating to their culvert place. But, a song had been born, capturing a moment in time that he will never experience quite that way again."


Cycle of Life - by Bob Pryor


"We are all part of the "play of life," all interacting with the other players, not knowing how our action or inaction will affect the story line, and the ultimate conclusion of the play. Characters appear, then disappear, then re-appear with the outcome of the production only known to the universe." Kind of puts thing into perspective..


Faith and Patience - by Bob Pryor


"I must believe it's going to happen. I must not let the fear that I am wishing for the for the improbable, deter my faith, for I do not see all the inner workings of the universe. I must find the confidence that God hears my prayers and will put things the way they should be, and bring to my life what I desire. I must remain strong and believe."


The Return - by Bob Pryor -Copyright(c) 2011


"Finally they were face to face. With all of the obstacles placed before them, it took a divine act of the universe to finally bring them together. After all the anticipation, the apprehension, the pain and uncertainly, the moment had finally arrived. Both were unsure and trembling with emotion, not knowing what to say, what to do, how to act. They moved closer, their eyes fixed on each other looking for a clue, anxiously seeking a glimpse of what was to come. They touched each other's hands. No words were said or were necessary. For what seemed like forever, they stood there hand in hand, both cautiously moving closer until their eyes were almost one. Then the tears started; weeping like an uncontrollable fountain of pain and pleasure. They then embraced, and immediately knew that everything was as it had been between them, and their lives had once again joined together, this time forever. They had finally learned that they were not meant to be apart and nothing or no one would ever get between them again."


Yet to Come - by Bob Pryor


The silence is deafening. Change is in the air; you can't touch it, can't see it, but you know it's there, ready for your embrace. Your comfort zone is about to be expanded; things that should have happened, will happen. Alliances will fall, others formed, false perceptions exposed; truth will prevail and flood your essence with the happiness that only true realization can bring


Keep Trying - by Bob Pryor


"Sometimes I am certain my thoughts are being shared; I am with her, she is with me, but why are we not together? The cool fresh air of fall stirs me out of my private world of thought; into reality. I leave her for a while but always return to her in my silent time, my moments alone. The unrighteous wall of silence built between us is so high, I can't see the top, I keep trying to climb over the wall and keep falling. But I know she is on the other side, so I keep getting up, and trying over and over again."


Come Out of my Dreams - by Bob Pryor


"I see her face in my dreams. Familiar but different, I reach to touch her; but she disappears into the clouds of uncertainty. She emerges again, I reach to embrace her; she fades away into nothingness. I shed tears. Tears of frustration. I hear her voice. It is so clear. I know she is here, but she is not. Tears of frustration. The next time she appears, I won't let her vanish."


In the Air - by Bob Pryor


"Sometimes when it's very quiet I can hear her voice, calling for me in the wind. Not a spoken word, but a message across time and space enveloping my very being. It's a voice of love and compassion, but also one of trepidation of what is yet to come. I pray my thoughts find their way to her somehow; whispering to her that everything will work out, and not to be afraid"


Raindrops - by Bob Pryor


"I hear the gentle patter of rain on my roof, every drop with a story untold, brings memories of long time past, exuberant for the joy that's yet to come."

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